The Hobbs Building & Feasts of Fancy

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Located just south of the Missouri River on 9th & Liberty in the Bottoms of Kansas City amidst all the old warehouses, brick buildings, and even haunted houses, lies the Hobbs Building with Feasts of Fancy Catering inside. From the outside, the Hobbs Building looks much like the other vintage warehouses downtown. However, the inside is different. Very different indeed.

Feasts of Fancy Catering provides exceptionally creative food while the Hobbs Building is a cool urban venue for weddings, social gatherings, and corporate events in Kansas City. Together, Feasts of Fancy and the Hobbs Building pack a powerful punch, though they can stand alone…and do so quite nicely.

The People:

Feasts of Fancy Catering is owned by Kathleen & Andrew Jacot. Kathleen is the Event Director while Andrew is the head Chef. Here at Blue Bouquet, we absolutely love working at the Hobbs building and with Feasts of Fancy.

“Feasts of Fancy has a long history of culinary excellence. Andy and Kathleen have assembled a strong group of service oriented people who take pride in their work.” John Perkins

In the first place, Andry & Kathleen aren’t merely individuals who thought that weddings would be fun and romantic so why not get into the trade. Au contraire, apart from a myriad of other impressive positions, together, they successfully ran the American’s catering for almost 10 years before they launched Feasts of Fancy in October of 2001. The American, of course, has long been one of Kansas City’s finest restaurants, located in the heart of Crown Center and consistently awarded both the AAA Four Diamonds and Mobil Travel Guide Four Stars ratings for having the highest levels of cuisine and hospitality. In their time managing American Catering, Kathleen and Andrew tripled sales, carving out for themselves a solid position in Kansas City for unique and custom catering.

The other primary staff at Feasts of Fancy include Margo Greninger (Assistant Chef), Dana and Gail (Event Coordinators), and John Perkins (Corporate Sales Manager). All the staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and capable. At Blue Bouquet, we’ve spent the most time with John. He is the one who helps brides with booking the Hobbs Space and catering. As he should, John takes much pride in the space and the catering, and his clients love him.

Feasts of Fancy Catering:

A plate of asparagus and peppersFruit and CheeseBuffet displayPork Loin
Everything at Feasts of Fancy Catering is first rate and fully custom. They have no set menu. Andy, with his vast experience as a chef, assembles recipes on a per event basis.

We have had the opportunity on several occasions to try out the food from Feasts of Fancy Catering. They agree that Feasts of Fancy provides some of the best, if not the best, catering in the Kansas City area. And whether or not you like their event space, Feast of Fancy is available to cater events outside the Hobbs Building. In fact, they’ve been doing it for more than 15 years.

Feasts of Fancy Event Space:

Hobbs Building emptyExterior shot of the Hobbs BuildingExterior shotHobbs Red door
In addition to outside catering, Feasts of Fancy has a wonderful event space in the Hobbs Building. Located in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, the Hobbs Building has great history. The original wood columns show battle scars from years past and the hardwood floors have the kind of character that only comes through years of wear. Long before Feasts of Fancy moved into the Hobbs, the building used to flood. Old pencil marks at eye level in the bathrooms testify to the flood levels of the mid forties. Of course, times have changed and the Bottoms haven’t flooded like that in years, but the history remains and enriches the space.

Andy and Kathleen Jacot are very proud of the Hobbs Building. They have a famously long contract that outlines in no uncertain terms what can and can’t be done with the space. We find them to be very reasonable, though. We’ve always respected their building and it’s history and they, in turn, have allowed us to decorate it freely. We’ve placed flowers, draped the ceiling and hung Chinese lanterns without problem.

From a floral designer’s standpoint, the Hobbs Building is versatile enough to work brilliantly for events of many styles. True, it’s not the ideal spot for a traditional wedding. It’s no cathedral, nor will it replace a country club or a classic ballroom. There are no marble floors, no chandeliers and no ornate carved oak pews. If you are looking for something other than a traditional wedding, though, the Hobbs Building could be your place. With the right accessories, it’s perfect for casual summer weddings, bold modern events and even glamorous urban soirees.

The Hobbs Building and Feasts of Fancy Catering tend to attract folks who are urban minded in style and lifestyle. The space is versatile and perfect for weddings. It has an inherent charm that makes a great springboard for all types of décor and creativity.

Weddings at the Hobbs Building:

Hobbs Tented WeddingCourtyard weddingHobbs ReceptionWedding Send off
The Hobbs has a distinct advantage over many other event spaces in that it has a large courtyard, which is suitable for outdoor ceremonies, making the Hobbs a convenient location for the wedding and the reception. The courtyard is even large enough to hold a tent to shield against potential bad weather. For brides and grooms with out-of-town guests and aging family members, a venue that provides for the wedding and the reception with no travel time is a valuable find.

In addition to the convenience, Andy, Kathleen, John, and their whole crew are great advocates for their brides. They see to it that the vendors show up on time, clear out on time and deliver what they should. When a bride signs up to have her wedding or reception at the Hobbs Space, she is getting more than an event space. She is getting individuals that will make sure her wedding day goes as planned.

Next time you’re planning an event, social gathering, or wedding here in Kansas City, make sure to give John a call. At least take some time to check out their website or give them a call at 816.841.0166 . You will not be let down. The food is tremendous; the event space is very hip. And the service is great!

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