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Before the Power & Light District; before the Sprint Center; before First Fridays; even before the new Kansas City Star building, Ron Berg (That’s Berg, not Burg) was hanging out at 15th and Grand in one of Kansas City’s hippest urban loft spaces.

You may never have met Ron Berg, but I’m sure you’ve seen his photography. He does fabulous commercial work for top-tier companies: AMC, American Century, Amoco, Backwoods, Bayer, Beechcraft, Blockbuster, Blue Bunny Ice Cream…. I haven’t even gotten to the C’s yet. Anyway, years ago Ron got the wild idea to buy the old Studebaker showroom at 1525 Grand and convert it into a studio. He was way ahead of his time: these days it seems like everyone in Kansas City is moving to the crossroads or the Power & Light District (We’ve even considered it ourselves).

80% of the Berg is below the surface

You can get a decent feel for the space by looking at the pictures and reading the facts below, but to really understand, you have to visit. The Berg Event Space has a certain electricity and life about it. It just feels like a good place for a party. It could be the location, or it could be the combination of vintage guts and modern refinement, I don’t know. Either way, we hear comments on the energy of the space far too often for it to be a coincidence. More importantly, the Berg has some great people behind the scenes, namely Jillian and Emily.

When you book an event at the Berg Space in Kansas City, you can be sure that Emily and Jillian will be keeping tabs on things, making sure that the space looks great and the vendors are tactful, tasteful, and on time.

The Fun Stuff

The Berg has a range of unique features that make it a perfect fit for weddings. Here’s just a few:

  • The Berg courtyard: The courtyard has become something of an icon in the Kansas City Wedding Scene. If you’ve spent much time looking through photographer’s websites, you’ve probably seen the shots of the courtyard lit up at night in all it’s romantic appeal
  • The freight elevator: I know this sounds like a strange perk, but we love it. This isn’t a modern elevator. It’s an old wooden dinosaur with huge wooden doors that look as if they’ve survived a few wars and but still open gracefully to the event space. Many bride’s and grooms use it to enter the ceremony or reception. It’s a great urban twist on the traditional church door entrance.
  • Beams and rafters: These are great for hanging lights, lanterns, garlands, fabric, etc… In fact, some couples even get married in the center of the room with the chandelier overhead and ceiling treatments such as paper lanterns radiating from the center.
  • Steel Wall: At the front of the room, beside the freight elevator is a wonderful curved steel wall. It makes a great place to display pictures and memorabilia.
  • Aesthetic flexibility: If you can dream it, you can do it. Don’t get me wrong, the Berg won’t let you hurt yourself, abuse the space, abuse them, break the furniture, etc… Still, if your florist or designer has a great new idea for the space, the Berg will stand back and applaud.

The Facts

So you’re sold, right? You just need a little information to be sure that the Berg is right for your wedding or event. Well I have what you need. Keep in mind that this info is accurate at the moment (March 08), but it’s certainly going to change over time.

  • Rates: At the time of this writing, the Berg rates are $3000-$4,500.
  • Max standing/seating room: The Berg Event Space can accommodate 250 people in a mixed standing/seating party. For ceremony/sit down dinner the space holds 200.
  • Max seating room: If all guests are to be seated at tables, the Berg Event Space can seat about 185.
  • Ceremony & Reception in one location: Many couples like to have their wedding and reception in a single location. Sandy can accommodate with ease. The space can be configured in several different ways for a ceremony; then after the ceremony, the guests can mingle at the landing or in the courtyard while the Berg’s staff flips the room for the reception.
  • Time Available: Rental rates include five-six hours for the event and four hours prior for set up. Last call is at Midnight. Additional hours needed are billed at $300 an hour.
  • Security: The Berg Event Space requires a security guard to be on site for all events, and can provide one at a reasonable rate of $50 an hour.
  • Extras: The rental fee includes a range of seating, amenities and decorative items.

To get the full picture, you should really visit the space. It’s located at 1525 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108. Make sure you call 816-842-4488 to schedule an appointment. Ask to speak to Jillian and tell her we sent you.
Berg Event Space Website

A few more images of the Berg Event Space

The Ron Berg Event Space stairwellThe Ron Berg Event Space metal wallThe Ron Berg Event Space courtyardThe Ron Berg Event SpaceThe Ron Berg Event Space bar

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