The Parsons Photography

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The Parsons are Ashley and Jeremy, a lovely couple who launched their business about the same time we launched ours. We’ve always considered them kindred spirits, perhaps because they do excellent work, or perhaps because they are so much fun to be around. The are one of the very rare vendors who fully believe in what they do – not just from a creative standpoint. They believe in marriage and love helping people get married. Ashley and Jeremy have 3 lovely children, who they include in their life and in many ways in their work. They are very transparent people in that way, which is very charming.

The details

Ashlie and Jeremy work out of their house, so we shouldn’t share their contact info here for privacy reasons. Now, don’t go assuming that they are a budget vendor because they don’t have a studio. Quite the opposite. They put their hearts into their work and they deserve the commission they charge. Visit their website:, for more details.

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