Bridal Bouquets

Design by Blue Bouquet

Bridal bouquets are a tradition that started hundreds of years ago.  The first bridal bouquets were not bouquets at all but clusters of herbs that the Greeks and Romans wore in their hair to ward off bad spirits.  Over the years herbs were replaced by flowers and in Victorian times each flower in the bouquet represented a specific sentiment.

Now a days, bridal bouquets are greatly influenced by the bridal gown.  There are lots of things you’ll want to consider: Is the dress ivory or white? Formal or fun? Sleek and clean or ruffly and over the top?  You’ll want the style or your dress to coordinate with the style of your bouquet.  It’s also worth noting that your bridal bouquet is the one place you will continue to see your wedding flowers for years to come.  If there’s a favorite flower or special family heirloom you are hoping to incorporate into your wedding, this is a great place to do it!

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