Design by Blue Bouquet

When selecting a dessert for your wedding day, there should be a few things you should consider. Style, color, and taste are normally the deciding factors in finalizing your design. Your dessert, whether it is a cake with multiple tiers, an assortment of cupcakes, or an arrangement of delightful macaroons, it should reflect your concept or theme of your wedding. If you’re having a formal traditional wedding, you may want to stick with a grand and timeless wedding cake. However, if you’re having a fun and relaxed reception, cupcakes or a variety of sweets on cake platters can provide a whimsical or an eclectic look. Buttercream or fondant can also play a significant role in creating your cake. Fondant can provide a clean, modern, yet classical finish to any cake. If your style is more vintage or rustic, buttercream could provide a more suitable texture. Also adding small, colorful blooms, in an asymmetrical fashion, can make any classical, three-tier white cake charming.

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