Bridesmaid Bouquets

Design by Blue Bouquet

The social rules on wedding flowers and etiquette are changing.  This change is allowing girls to branch out and have fun with their wedding flowers.  A great place to do that is with bridesmaid bouquets.  Where once is was taboo to put bold color combinations like coral and lime green together, now it is perfectly acceptable.

There are a few good rules of thumb though; usually bridesmaids bouquets are smaller in size to the bride’s.  Our average bride’s bouquet is approximately the size of a dinner place and the bridesmaid bouquets are salad plate sized.  This can be adjusted up or down given the style of the wedding or what looks most appropriate for the girls.  You don’t want a large bouquet to overpower a petite girl.  Similar to bridesmaid dresses, the bouquets don’t all have to be identical.  You do want to keep the same feeling throughout the bridal party but feel free to mix it up and have some fun!


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