About Blue Bouquet – Floral & Event Design Studio

Blue Bouquet in a nutshell.

We are florists, artists and designers who work exclusively on events like weddings, charity events and private parties.

What do we do?

Lots of things. Floral design is a key piece of our work, but we also work with lighting, drapery, linens, accents, set-building etc.

How do we do it?

We start broadly, by first taking time to make sure that we understand your style and your budget constraints. Then we work with you to determine all the details. The process takes a bit of faith and a little time. We won’t have it all figured out in the first meeting, but we will figure it out and when we do it will be beautiful and perfect for you!

Are we experienced?

Yes we are! Every year we design about 50 events – some modern and some classic; some simple and some extravagant; some with 15 guests and some with 1,500. We stay busy, but not too busy to give our full attention to each of our clients.

Are we expensive?

Not as much as you might think. We’re great listeners. We know our clients and understand their style, their values and their budget. We collaborate with them to create something that is original and appropriate for their needs. Sometimes we are very expensive and other times we’re quite affordable. It all depends upon the client and their event. We do have a minimum budget requirement of $750, though you can get a more specific estimate by trying our budget calculator.

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