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Reviews of Blue Bouquet

Mark: They went over and above and brought things and served in ways I would never have expected! They were incredible!!!

Aimee: They have excellent customer service and are very good at what they do -- creative, but work with your vision and ideas.

Caitlin: All of the flowers on our wedding day turned out absolutely wonderful. Once we decided on the arrangements, I did not worry about the flowers--I trusted their creativity and ideas. They went above and beyond my expectations.

Jen: Blue Bouquet was the easiest and most flexible to work with. My wedding was exactly what I had dreamed of and more thanks to BB. They're the best!

Karli: You won't go wrong with Blue Bouquet if you want your wedding to stand apart from all the others when it comes to style and flowers.

Stephanie: Thanks to Blue Bouquet everything was FLAWLESS. The space looked lush with flowers, the designs were artistic and creative, & the arrangements were well thought out.

Anne: Everything was laid-back & stress-free, but I still felt very confident in the organization and professionalism Blue Bouquet exhibited. If you want the best, your search is over.

Amanda: Where do I begin on how impressed I was with Blue Bouquet? They are very organized, funky, professional and know their stuff. They are the kind of people you want to be friends with and the kind of people you want to do business with.

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Nathan: Blue Bouquet was absolutely amazing!! They knew exactly what we wanted, and delivered it with perfect timing and selfless flexibility!

Laura: they took great time and care to talk to us about our wedding and helped us problem solve some items we made on our own. we were able to brainstorm with them and utilize their expertise in making things for our wedding.

Kat: the staff is thorough and professional, fun and engaging. There is no reason to look elsewhere for your wedding day floral designs.

Darcy: Aesthetically speaking, my favorite part of my wedding day was my flowers! The best part of my wedding planning was working with Blue Bouquet.

Ann: The flowers at our wedding were INCREDIBLE. The room smelled of the glorious/regal arrangements that were on the tables. Their floral arrangements and design talent were the talk of my reception.

Anasha: Blue Bouquet is absolutely fabulous! During the planning of my wedding I had met with several florists and hadn't been satisfied with any of them. My most important detail was the right color for the flowers, none had met my expectations until I met with Blue Bouquet.

Mary: Blue Bouquet is all about the "concept"--they are unique in that they really hone in on an understanding of the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom. They create the ambiance of the celebration, not simply the flowers.

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Design Ideas

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Summer is a fantastic time to get married.  Vibrant and bold color palettes go perfectly with sunshine and hot days.  With the warm weather you have lots of options for floral types including peonies, dahlia, wild flowers and so much more!

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Traditionally fall color palettes were limited to yellows, oranges and reds, but not any more!  Today girls are incorporating rich jewel tones like eggplant and emerald green into their color schemes.  Autumn is a great time to bring in flowers like dahlias, zinnias, calla lilies, seasonal foliage and orchids.  

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Custom Installations

We can assist you in creating large scale installations that will give your event a “wow factor” and take it to the next level.  We pride ourselves on not just being florists but talented people that are creative at heart. Flowers are not appropriate in every situation and sometimes bringing in additional elements like lighting, [...]

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Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  It’s when the world goes from cold and grey to colorful and warm- what better time for a wedding!  Spring color palettes can include anything from fresh greens and soft yellows to light lavenders, blushes and rosy pinks.

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So much of the ceremony decor depends on the location.  Some couples choose to have a traditional church or synagog wedding; while others prefer to have an outdoor location or a space where where they can have the whole event, ceremony and reception, in one place. Regardless of where you choose to have your ceremony, [...]

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Printed Details

Some times it’s the details that take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.  We can create custom designs or use predesigned monograms and such and implement them on printed materials including table numbers, coasters, signs and much more.

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Fabric can be a great way to bring in color that isn’t available in flowers.  We can match swatches or dress samples and bring in traditionally hard to display colors like teal, coral and grey.  Fabric can also offer a lot of impact and be a fairly cost effective way to decorate a large amount [...]

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Flower Accents

Whether it’s a wreath on a church door or a small arrangement in the bathroom, the little extras often make an event memorable.  Every venue has it’s own unique characteristics and flowers are a great way to bring them out!

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Candle-Based Centerpieces

Centerpieces that incorporate lots of candles are a great and cost effective way to create a warm and intimate environment.  Candles can provide lots of ambiance and allow the overhead lights in venue to be turned down.  You can mix pillars, votives, and floating candles to create a stunning and sparkling display.

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